Gloria Belendez Ramirez

Mexican Gloria describes herself as a dreamer who is completely out of her head, living in her heart, walking on the path of the Now…

She is also a mother, daughter, interpreter, certified coach, qigong practitioner, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, lover, hotelier, wife and friend. Your friend, too…

Gloria declares that she will die alive, and refuses to live dead ever again! It is Gloria’s life purpose to share with the world the knowledge that happiness is truly a choice; it is a service to Self and to Humanity. The “secret” to happiness rests in:
• Loving one’s Self first!
• To accept Self just the way it is, with unconditional love, knowing that we all are created by a bountiful and blessed energy
• Allowing to constantly be guided into the Unknown on the path of gratitude
And living by the four pillars of happiness (scroll to bottom of document for more details):
1. Take full responsibility of your health, wealth and well being
2. Align with Source
3. Live in the Now
4. Take action from the “I am already happy” perspective

The Book
Gloria’s first book Spiritual Orgasms, Vivid Encounters in the Now, was published in November 2012; this achievement marked a new direction in her life: her intense desire to entice others to decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what. This in turn gave birth to the Decide to be happy and Stay Happy NO MATTER WHAT series of workshops and retreats, as well as TV appearances in Lebanon and Dubai.

Keynote Speeches, Workshops and Trainings

Gloria’s soul purpose, which is that of enticing others to decide to be happy and stay happy NO MATTER WHAT by just REMEMBERING that we all are Happiness, has led her to facilitate happiness workshops that are truly creating life-changing experiences for its participants, while she gets so inspired by all the people she meets.

In her transformational workshops and sessions, she explains how thanks to a “tragedy” that turned to be her greatest fortune, she managed to understand that happiness is a choice… it is our natural state of being…from living under the power of “poor me” (unworthy and unloved) to living under the power of “great me” (unlimited possibilities) in her incredibly abundant current life path, including:
• At 21 she started her self-financed life while studying her sixth language in Tokyo, Japan.
• At 22 she established Globel Worldwide Interpreting Services in Dusseldorf, Germany;
• At 29 she prematurely manifested her visualization of being able to speak ten languages by age thirty.
• At 29 she met the love of her life, soul partner and father of her two children, Ibrahim. Now a thirty-three year fabulous journey.
• At 38 she mothered her first son, and at 40 her first daughter
• At 44 she founded Villas Xichu, now a Happiness Retreat Center in mystical, magical, marvelous San Miguel de Allende, central Mexico
• In November 2012 she bumped into yet another door to the Unknown, becoming a writer by ALLOWING the book Spiritual Orgasms, vivid encounters in the Now to WRITE her!
• In spring 2013 she “was instructed” to start a Keep on Keeping on Campaign in Dubai; she became member of the CEO Clubs in Dubai (which has 16,000 members worldwide) with the intention of “happinizing” from top-down, starting with the CEO’s.
• In winter 2015 she will be launching The Global Happiness Academy Online.
• What next? That, she welcomes everyday…knowing that the manifestation of dreams beyond her wildest imagination is just behind the corner…
Gloria now lives happily between Lebanon, Dubai, Jeddah and summers in Mexico and travels the world in the meantime…

For more information or to contact Gloria to share your experiences with happiness, please email her at or visit .