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CEO Clubs Network hosts monthly private gathering on innovative leadership techniques

Dubai- 22 October 2014

The CEO Clubs UAE hosted a private dinner gathering last evening at the Dubai World Trade Centre, The Club level. Among those in attendance, were senior level executives and decision makers from the private and public sector.

Iyad Mourtada, Founder of ‘Open Thinking’ led the first half of the function by sharing his innovative and creative teaching methods with the aim of adding value to an individual’s leadership style. He presented several case studies that reflected why certain companies or leaders fail to get the best of their employees. Iyad’s perspectives were based on his personal experiences as a trainer consultant to multinational companies based in the region that seek his expertise on business strategy, leadership and auditing.

Jennifer Randive, the Founder and CEO of Focus Direct and Rejuvenate 2012 and Beyond, engaged the participants by emphasizing how empowerment and by being the ‘CEO of one’s life and living’ can bring a unique set of skills for effective leadership.

Also in attendance were the representatives of the MENA office of the Washington based NGO Vital Voices whose focus is to empower, mentor and invest in business leaders (SMEs and women entrepreneurs) to strengthen their decision making power, grow their businesses and improve their entrepreneurial environment.

In his opening speech, Dr Tariq Ahmed Nizami, the Founder and Chief Executive officer of the CEO Clubs Network stated that “the CEO Clubs is an ideal platform for networking for those who are seeking knowledge on current industry trends”.  “It is a gateway to meet some of the city’s well known professionals who present case studies and exchange business talks on various sector topics. Members interact and assist each other in business development, based on trust”, he further premier-pharmacy.com added.

Iyad Mourtada, Founder of ‘Open Thinking’ said that “companies need to think outside the box and most organizations take great pride in developing strategies and business plans, which is all good, however in order to face stiff competition and survive in the long run, it is critical for organizations and leaders to pay equal importance to performance and actual results”.

He further stressed that ” his role as a trainer consultant is to rethink not just ideas, but provide a realistic business tool kit for employees to improve individual performance and contribute to innovative leadership at all levels”.

Jennifer Randive, Founder & CEO of Focus Direct and Rejuvenate 2012, said “by being the catalyst for change in your own life, you can bring a certain brilliance to the boardroom”. “I use Access Consciousness techniques for people to get to their core of who they are and empower them to be the CEO of their own life and living, thereby clearing the unwanted blocks to progress and success”.

About CEO Clubs Network

The CEO Clubs Network is the world’s largest business networking club where membership is ‘on an invitation only’ basis. Senior level executives and CEOS of various companies meet regularly at meetings to discuss business opportunities and overall industry trends in a professional and  relaxed ambience. Each month, the agenda is highlighted by a prominent guest speaker who usually does an hour long presentation on a specific sector or industry.  The CEO Clubs Network is completely focused on business development. Currently, the international businessmen’s network extends to countries such as USA, UK, UAE, China, India,  Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Mongolia, Lebanon and Palestine and Nigeria.  Over 16,000 members are represented worldwide and today the club has been able to define itself as a ‘Trillion Dollar Club’ based on the overall annual turnover of its corporate members worldwide.


For further enquiries: Please contact Neity Maddock, Commentator & Corporate Communications Head, CEO Clubs Network for press interviews with the speakers and/or with Dr Tariq  Ahmed Nizami, CEO & Founder, CEO Clubs Network.

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