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‘Business Talks with CEOs’ series of CEO Clubs Network reveals Dubai’s success as a global leader in the franchising business

Private dinner gathering hosts renowned speakers as part of networking for trade and industry

Dubai- 17 September 2014

A high profile gathering of industry leaders met last evening at a private dinner held at the World Trade Club, to exchange views on overall investment opportunities under Dubai’s vision for growth. More than 70 officials including members of the world’s largest networking organization, the CEO Clubs Network were enlightened to learn more about the city’s success as a global leader in the franchising business. The topic was presented by a special guest of honor His Excellency Saleh BelJafla, Chief Executive Officer of UAE International Investments who presented case studies and tips on how to go about a franchise and to become a winner in the industry.

Also present at the dinner meeting were Her Excellency Grace Relucio-Princesa, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Philippines, Vice-Consul of the Embassy of the Phillippines, Mr Glen McPherson, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner of the Canadian Consulate and Mr Habib Ahmad, Attache of the Embassy of Pakistan. The second half of the evening, concluded with an inspirational talk on getting the results we desire, with a focus on leadership. Sam Arshi, a certified Life and Health Consultant lured the audience with the concept of the Laws of Attraction (The Secret) and how it relates to personal and financial success. Her tips to personal growth and fulfillment towards spiritual, financial and personal success were insightful.

In his opening speech, Dr Tariq Ahmed Nizami, the Founder and CEO of CEO Clubs Network stated in his speech that “the CEO Clubs is the perfect platform for networking for those who are seeking lucrative opportunities in the Emirates. “Networking at our club happens in a relaxed and friendly manner”. “We also hope that as more and more people consider Dubai as an ideal business hotspot, we would like them to consider joining the monthly networking sessions, with various themes to meet people and discuss possible collaborations”, he further added.

His Excellency Saleh Beljafla, remarked, “I am delighted to be invited by the CEO Clubs private dinner meeting with a focus on industry perspectives”. “Today, out of the world’s global markets, it is Dubai that has emerged as a leader in the franchising business.  Dubai has a presence of more than 300 retail brands, with the entire Emirates being home to approximately 800 local and international brands. The key to the franchise success is greatly due to the fact that Dubai has a strong multinational community with more than 200 nationalities, the market is mature and consumers have a strong value perception; one must not neglect the culture of consumer knowledge and awareness, while setting up a franchise he further stated”.

Sam Arshi, Founder of Life by Design, and Certified Life and Health Consultant, from www.ativan777.com addressed the audience by saying that “Goal achievement is the prime agent to personal growth and self – awareness”. By controlling our thought processes and patterns one can design one’s life by getting to the very top by unlocking the sub-conscious”.

The next highlight gathering of the CEO Clubs Network will be the China-UAE Investment Conference on 19th October 2014 at the Jumeirah Conference Centre in Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Hotel.  Please check the website for further details (www.ceoclubsuae.com)

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The CEO Clubs Network is the world’s largest business networking club where membership is ‘on an invitation only’ basis. Senior level executives and CEOS of various companies meet regularly at meetings to discuss business opportunities and overall growth in a professional and  relaxed ambience. Each month, the agenda is highlighted by a prominent guest speaker who usually does an hour long presentation on a specific industry or topic. The CEO Clubs Network UAE is completely focused on business development and offers business opportunities to grow one’s business internationally. Currently, the international businessmen’s network extends to countries such as USA, UK, UAE, China, India, Russia, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia, South

Africa, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Greece, Romania, Namibia, Turkey, Germany, Lebanon and Palestine.  Over 16,000 members are represented worldwide and today the club has been able to define itself as a ‘Trillion Dollar Club’ based on the overall annual turnover of its corporate members worldwide.

The CEO Clubs Network worldwide is the world’s oldest and largest platform for CEOs and entrepreneurs. The members of The CEO Clubs Network help one another grow their businesses by “Making money and having fun, while they are learning”.  Membership is by invitation only to businesses that have annual sales in excess of US$ 20,000,000.

For further enquiries: Please contact Neity Maddock, Commentator & Corporate Communications Head, CEO Clubs Network for press interviews with the speakers and Dr Tariq  Ahmed Nizami, CEO & Founder, CEO Clubs Network.

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