“CEO CLUBS UAE Monthly Members Lunch Meeting with a special Key Speaker topic
” EXPO 2020 in Dubai ” by Mr. Chris Scott, Director Development & Investment Management, Key Master Planner for the UAE bid to host Expo 2020 in Dubai, DWTC
On 4 September 2013 in Dubai.


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      “The SEIU has a global vision to organize all healthcare workers,” said Jeff Toner, principal with Dietz Associates, a firm that helps unions and management communicate during organizing campaigns. “If SEIU can show that they can incrementally incre…

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      Sheriff Thomas McCartney said: “It is only your age and the fact you are a first offender that causes me to think I should not give you a substantial period of detention. “It is expected that when you come back you will have saved money in order to m…

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      Rep. Barney Frank (D Mass.) was greeted with shouts and boos at a town hall meeting on health care at a senior center in Dartmouth, Mass., Tuesday night, an event that was targeted by supporters of perennial independent political candidate Lyndon LaRou…

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      Emergency law might have been erased from the papers, but practically speaking, nothing has changed, said a protester in Homs who gave his name as Mohammed. just talk and talk, promises and more promises. And it all untrue. question of credibility may…

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      Another area where assuming the past is the same as the present may be misleading is thinking that gay men have always been disproportionately attracted to the (Catholic) priesthood. Certainly, the proportion of Catholic priests who are gay is now anec…

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      Who would be a social worker in a system presided over by Mr Shatter? Who would carry the burden of risk in making complex and life altering decisions? The end result of the approach advocated by Mr Shatter is an exponential increase in the number of c…

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      The first step to get our health care system in order is to have 2 Hospitals and then have the outlying centers staffed by nurse practitioners and related staff. Its the right step but politically toxic. If both major parties were to agree on this step…

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      We need help raising funds to buy books, literacy resources and medical supplies Please consider making a donation to this special project. We are happy to announce that Tax Receipts can be issued for donations of $25 or more upon request. Donations ca…

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      Mr. Will employed faulty logic to justify stripping Illinois workers who, under Medicaid, care for elderly and disabled people in their homes of access to effective collective bargaining. He also suggested that some workers are forced to support “expr…

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      This is a vote that will live in infamy. There are deaths that can be attributed to people not having access to health insurance. Benjamin Sommers confirmed that the residents in states that refuse to accept the expansion of Medicaid will likely suffer…

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      OUR GOAL IS TO OWN A BASEBALL TEAM. WELL, WHILE THEY WAIT TO OWN THE BASEBALL TEAM THEY SAY THEY HAVE ANOTHER GOAL. TO EXPAND. Women as a group voted Democratic in the past six presidential races, from 1992 through 2012, according to exit polls. The la…

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      Events between: Friday, January 01, 2010 and Friday, December 31, 2010Events for: September 2010Sergeant James Heilmann Benefit Dates:, August 18, 2010 Friday, September 17, 2010Title:Sergeant James Heilmann Benefit Description:Sgt. Heilmann suffered a…

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      Efforts to recover the bodies of at least 24 climbers have been suspended again after the eruption on Japan’s Mount Ontake intensified. The volcano has been shooting out even more ash, smoke and rocks than before. At least 36 people are thought to hav…

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      In 2008, the mini festivals staged in cities from Bethel to New Haven attracted an estimated 4,500 people across nine weekends. The addition of Torrington this month, along with another recent expansion to The Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, brings the…

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      Japan largest agricultural lobby, known as JA, submitted a petition with almost 11.7 million signatures saying the accord would mean the of agriculture and fisheries. Throughout the themes a critical orientation will be maintained, and participants wil…

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      This was a freedom rally in response an incident at Woodruff High School the previous Thursday.Around 50 people stood in downtown Woodruff holding flags on Friday. This was a freedom rally in response an incident at Woodruff High School the previous Th…

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      They could go to North Dakota and they could get both natural gas and oil, which is $100 a barrel.”Both men agree a larger demand will boost the price.The new liquefied natural gas export facility by Chenier Energy in Cameron parish will be able to ca…

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      Lake Placid Youth Football and Cheer sign upsLAKE PLACID Lake Placid Youth Football and Cheer is accepting registration forms for the 2011 season. Early registration prices are $85.00 for tackle and cheer and $50 for flag football. 1. Other ways of usi…

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      YUM reported Q1 earnings of $0.70 per share, beating analysts’ expectation of $0.60. However, revenue came in at $2.54B, which was below analysts’ prediction of $2.56B. Same store sales increased 2% in the United States but dropped 20% in China. For…

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      Case No. Ms. Patricia Sheffield, representative. Case No. Mr. Dennis Patten, representative. CU Phosco Lighting Ltd (formerly known as Concrete Utilities) is the longest established and premier outdoor lighting group in the UK. We design and manufactur…

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      You need to take this on board and tell the girl what she wants to hear. But the most important thing to remember is that you should do what makes you happy. HeheheheheheLots Katexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The view was stunning, the full window opening great..

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      I don know what I was thinking. Chris Lee (R ended his career after posting a similar picture on a Craigslist dating site.. “Imagine if we have an outbreak of measles and the information is relayed to us three months after the outbreak. By the time we…

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      Twice in the last week, she said, she’d seen my mother sitting in a car in a neighborhood near her home. “Today she was there for more than two hours in the heat,” she added.My stomach churned.Mom suffered from dementia; she could no longer drive, o…

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      A couple from Sector 47, Sonia and Rajiv Kumar, were on their way to the rehri market of the sector with their son Aneesh on a scooter when the bees attacked them. The bees were able to get into Sonia’s sweater and stole and also her hair. The cost of…

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      Levi Russell, spokesman for the Tea Party Express, said the group had initially invited all of the presidential candidates to participate in their bus tour. They didn hear from Romney campaign until his staff reached out toward the end of last week to…

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      I’m pondering what the “absence of government action” is that Richard Westmoreland (Your Views, May 31) spoke of. Beebe and his colleagues have made their patterned surfaces on glass and polymer surfaces, and they can watch neurons grow on these sli…

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      African nations are still struggling with the HIV epidemic, malaria, and the current outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus. A 14 year old girl and 6 year old boy remained in critical condition at Riley Hospital for Children as of late Saturday. Clinton mi…

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      The terrorists used it to communicate within and outside, using a forge call which is possible within VoIP, which has got no regular frequency number as those found in GSM and CDMA services, and thus can be easily detected or regulated. When the call w…

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      YOU BOUGHT AND WRAPPED. Think they going to be in a battle of survival for their life from here on in. This is the reality of terror. Police say Matheny was injured and taken to a hospital. WE’RE HERE IN HOOKSETT AT THE CORNER OF HACKET HILL ROAD. Col…

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      At home, ordinary citizens and economists alike worry that the government’s decision to flood the economy with cash has created speculative bubbles in housing, in lending that could burst with disastrous effect. If you don’t, I have no quarrel with y…

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      Also, Falcon Ouellette has no plan beyond the four years on how to fund streets.. The world has been spooked and left spellbound by the breathless spate of homicidal ferocity with which Nigeria’s vicious terrorist group; Boko Haram has imposed itself…

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      It does seem like the majority though are willing to tolerate it without much of a fuss. The root cause I think is that Americans (not all, but most), more than a lot of other countries, have an excessive obsession with being while at the same time see…

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      Officials claim Todashev was about to give details and possibly confess to a triple murder in Waltham that bombing suspect number one Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have been involved in. But his family and close friends say he was never interviewed about the m…

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      Cardin of Baltimore and Kweisi Mfume, former head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, as the main contestants for the Democratic nomination at least for now. We all want the best for our children, and try our hardest to d…

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