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The Burj CEO Awards 2019, Mauritius

October 31, 2019


CEO Clubs Monthly Lunch Meeting Dubai 2.0 – Think Tank

9 January 2019


Top CEOs Were Awarded Chinese Style In The BURJ CEO Awards 2018 In China

28 October 2018


CEO Clubs Monthly Lunch Meeting “Strategy Making for the Year of 2018 and Finding Partners in CEO Clubs Network”

10 January 2018

CEO Clubs Monthly Lunch Meeting “How the Top Executives are Approaching the Innovation, Digitalization, and Technology?”

7 February 2018


CEO Clubs Monthly Lunch Meeting “Exploring Your Business Identity Using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®”

22 January 2018

CEO Clubs Monthly Lunch Meeting “The Pillars of Successful Women”

7 March 2018

CEO Clubs Monthly Lunch Meeting “Dubai Economy in conversation with CEO Clubs Members”

4 April 2018

CEO Clubs Royal Majlis Visit “His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum Royal Majlis”

16 April 2018

CEO Clubs Co-Hosted the “OWN-A-BRICK” with Pakistan Association Dubai “CEOs Legacy: Engrave your Name in History”

18 April 2018

CEO Clubs Network wins the Dubai Quality Appreciation Awards 2017 “For being best business networking platform for 12 years in Dubai”

24 April 2018

CEO Clubs Monthly Lunch Meeting “Yes, you can approach Cloud Computing Models & Blockchain Simplified”

2 May 2018

CEO Clubs Business Women Division Event “RARE GEMS”

5 May 2018


CEO Clubs Partners with The Indo-UAE Business and Social Forum “Worlds Greatest Brands and Leaders 2017-2018”

May 9, 2018

CEO Clubs Lunch Meeting “Growing UAE – Lessons Lived and Learned”

6 December 2017


CEO Clubs Roundtable Meeting Report “What are our Business Challenges 2017 – 2020?”

14 November 2017

CEO Clubs Dinner Event “Your Gateway to Europe”

7th November 2017

CEO Clubs Monthly Lunch Meeting “Sharing the success & the Leadership”

1st November 2017


The BURJ CEO Awards 2017 The Dorchester Hotel, London, UK

10th October 2017

The Muhammad Ali Perfumes Launch Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

25th September 2017


CEO Clubs Breakfast Meeting “How can corporates give back to Society?”

8th August 2017


CEO Clubs Network Breakfast Meeting Women’s Leadership & Men’s Leadership in the Workplace

28 March, 2017


CEO Clubs Monthly Members Lunch Meeting for the month of March

1 March, 2017

The CEO Clubs & RAKFTZ Special Dinner Meeting for Gulfood Exhibition

28 February, 2017


The Value Added Tax (VAT) System

1 February, 2017


CEO Clubs Delegation meets the President of Costa Rica in Dubai

17 January, 2017


Dubai’s Vision to become the global capital of the Islamic Economy

4 January, 2017


The South America – Africa – Middle East – Asia Women Summit (SAMEAWS) 2016

13 December , 2016

President of Fiji meets the CEO Clubs Business Delegation

3rd November 2016


Frankfurt meets Dubai

1st November 2016


The BURJ CEO Awards, Washington DC, USA

July 27, 2016

Investment in selangor, Malaysia

April 25, 2016

CEO Clubs Celebrate 10 Years in UAE and committed to deliver more to business community

5th Mar 2016

CEO Clubs Dinner Meeting- Glamorous St. Moritz (Celebrating 150 Years of Winter Tourism)

6 May 2015

Dream China Group Comes to Dubai

15 Apr 2015


DIBS Golf Tournament winners recognized at prestigious awards ceremony

8 Mar 2015


CEO Clubs Network hosts monthly private gathering on innovative leadership techniques

22 Oct 2014


Business Talks with CEOs’ series of CEO Clubs Network reveals Dubai’s success as a global leader in the franchising business

17 Sept 2014

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