What is the CEO Clubs Network?
CEO Clubs Network is a membership-based, by-invitation-only elite Club with members across various industries from private sectors, government entities, diplomats and business associations. CEO Clubs Network creates a diverse and multi-cultural atmosphere on our exclusive members' activities with interesting topics, strong networking power, and B2B connections.
What is the CEO Clubs Network mission statement?
The CEO Clubs Network creates the most effective business platform for CEOs and seniors executives to share experiences, explore opportunities and grow business locally and internationally.
Who is CEO Clubs Network Founder?
The CEO Clubs Network, Inc. is a USA base company and its Founder & CEO is Dr. Tariq Ahmed Nizami who lived in USA for over 33 years and formed this exclusive worldwide network organization and has education from USA and heading an International Holding company which has interest in Real Estate, Gold & Diamond, Oil, Trading, Travel, Entertainment, Media, Hospitality, CEO Clubs Network, Medical, Charitable Institution, Fashion, Education, Financial and Information Technology.
What are the benefits of the Chief Executive Officer Clubs UAE (CEO Club UAE)?
Membership in the CEO Clubs UAE is by invitation only and guests are encouraged to attend several exclusive meetings and events for members only. All CEO Clubs meetings in all the chapters are free to our CEO Clubs Network members and the guests who are invited by the Club. There are more than 30+ CEO Clubs Network events annually local and international in each of the chapters. The meetings are most often breakfast, luncheon or dinner meetings featuring a key speaker on a topic of interest to CEOs growing businesses. All the session features roundtables on topics of interest to our exclusive elite members.

The complete details of the CEO Clubs Network membership benefits please visit the membership benefit section of this website. Please note that CEO Clubs network keep adding new benefits on regular basses for our members.

What is the CEO Clubs Network membership joining fee?
CEO Clubs Network have following membership type and fees: Basic One Year Membership US $ 4,900, Basic Two years Membership US $ 8,200, Premium Five years Membership US $ 15,000 and Elite 10 Years membership for only US $ 20,500. Our Elite memberships are 5 year and life time with personalize service with additional business related benefits. Plus VIP One Year Membership US $ 35,000 for all the benefits plus very exclusive elite group benefits.
Can you sum up the purpose of the CEO Clubs Network in a simple phrase?
CEO Clubs Network is the place “Where Knowledge with Experience Makes a Difference” Or “Join the Trillion Dollar Club”
May I come to a meeting, courtesy of the CEO Clubs Network if I am not a member?
Yes. You can attend a regional meeting if you are not a member. However, there could be a guest fee for our breakfast, lunch and dinners meetings/events. Whenever there is non-members who like to attend our events must email for request to attend our events by sending email to: events@ceoclubsuae.com
When CEO Clubs UAE was launched?
On 6th February 2006 the CEO CLUBS Network Founder & CEO Dr. Tariq Ahmed Nizami successfully extended to open a major chapter in UAE, who is also the CEO of a Holding company having interest in multiple industries internationally. His main aim behind this extension is to helps many UAE and other country businessmen in UAE to explore and expand the International markets, at the same time helps outside companies to learn the investment environment in UAE more directly and comprehensively.
Where is CEO Clubs UAE positioned?
CEO CLUBS UAE members are positioned to get access to fellow members in the International market, introduce foreign enterprises to the domestic market, create a favorable International business environment for its members, expand their social resources and strive for a win-win result. Through our members network we hold regular exclusive events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates in UAE and also other cities of the world to provide a platform for International businessmen to meet local business community and expand business network to other countries of the World.
Where are the other Chapters of CEO Clubs Network?
We have CEO Clubs chapters and have links with CEO's and High Executives of USA, UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Korea, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, Vietnam, Romania, France, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria and growing in other parts of the world.
What are the business and/or financial obligations that CEO Clubs Network bring to the table and share during chapter meetings?
CEO CLUBS UAE conducts regular monthly meetings for our members for free of charge, to discuss different business-related topics and business opportunities, without any need or request for financial obligations. Any businesses deals are done between members CEO Clubs Network does not take any commission or percentage. CEO CLUBS UAE only assists and acts as a strong business platform for our members.
What type of business portfolios/sectors are CEO Clubs Network members are from?
Our members consist of SMEs, medium and large companies, we prefer to include members who are engaged in international business from any industry. Currently, our members enjoy local and international vision with business ventures covering all sectors.
What type of business alliances do CEO Clubs Network members engage?
That's the fun part of it, mixing diversity, different corporate environments, and culture together. We focus on all sectors of the investment process. UE is very open compared to some other countries and our members are from all industries who discuss small, medium and large local & international business opportunities between members.
Does the CEO Clubs Network benefits from embers business transactions financially?
Our CEO CLUBS Network is commercial and if any of our members perform a financial transaction between them, we as a club do not get anything, but if the members need our club's special division consultancy, then we may be able to share revenue. In general, our entire members can engage in any number of transactions between them without paying to the CEO Clubs Network.
Can I get some information about the CEO Clubs UAE and the membership option?
Yes. First send us your name and address, including your email address with short brief about your company to info@ceoclubsuae.com. We will send you a Membership invitation or attending one of our upcoming events.
Do you have a physical location of the club for members?
Not yet but we are already have the concept and in planning to have our The CEO Clubs location soon we will be have a physical location of the CEO Clubs Network for our members. But currently we meet in an exclusive 5 star hotel & club locations where we have all our events.
Can I come to the offices and speak to a representative about the CEO Clubs?
Our office is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE and coming to the office isn't nearly as effective as coming to one of the regional CEO Clubs Network meetings. It's more productive to meet our members than to meet in the office Management.
May I speak to the CEO Clubs Network Founder?
The Founder & CEO of CEO Clubs Network Dr. Tariq Ahmed Nizami is always accessible to members and other executives via mobile no + 97150 3491003 or by email: tan@ceoclubsuae.com
How often is your website updated?
Major changes on the website usually take place on a monthly basis. We suggest our members to please visit our website regularly.
Can I promote my business in CEO Clubs Network if I am not a member?
CEO Clubs Network do not promote any business services or product from non-member companies only our exclusive member can promote any type of their business in our members network through our exclusive events and also with our online service.
I'd like to reach your membership as our services are directed at CEOs. Can I advertise in your newsletter or on your website?
Yes we accept advertising in our publication and on our website. Send your inquiry to events@ceoclubsuae.com
May I purchase the mailing list of members for the CEO Clubs Network?
We do not rent or sell the list of the CEO Clubs Network members. However, we have 30,000+ CEOs on the mailing list we do rent from Venture Communications. These are former members or someone who attended an event, or purchased something from the CEO Clubs Network. In addition, but if you become a member of CEO Clubs UAE you can contact the other members worldwide.
How can I find out if I like to open the Chapter of CEO Clubs Network in my country?
If you like to take the CEO Clubs Network Worldwide Chapter franchise than please send your inquiry to email: tan@ceoclubsuae.com. You can also find the Chapter information and other details on the website www.ceoclubsnetwork.com
I could not find my answer in your FAQ section?
If for somehow you could not find your answer about CEO Clubs Network in our FAQ section than please send email with your question to: info@ceoclubsusae.com with personalize answer.

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