CEO Clubs Network is an International business?
CEO Clubs Network is a membership-based, by-invitation-only international organization with members across various industries from private sectors, government entities and diplomats. CEO Clubs Network creates a diverse and multi-cultural atmosphere on our exclusive members' activities with interesting topics, strong networking power, and B2B connections.

With strong focus in member engagements and member collaborations, CEO Clubs Network Members has been enjoying business growth and valuable connections after they joined us. Our excellent team believes in Creativity, Services, Passion & Happiness aligned with the visionary ways of our leaders, therefore, many international prominent enterprises has joined the CEO Clubs Network

What is the CEO Clubs Network' Mission, vision and Values?
Mission: The CEO Clubs Network creates the most effective business platform for CEOs and seniors executives to share experiences, explore opportunities and grow business locally and internationally.

Vision: The best business Clubs connecting CEOs & Decision-makers worldwide”

Values: Services, Creativity, Humbleness, Happiness, Growth, Loyalty,Transparency, Gratitude, Excellency, Communication and Commitment

Who can join the CEO Clubs Network?
CEO Clubs Network is a membership based international business organization, its Memberships are open to CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, government entities and diplomats, following destinations from corporate are qualified to be our member

CEO, CFO, COO, President, Chairman, Managing Director, General Manager, Country representative, Head of region

What kind of activities planned for CEO Clubs Network members?
CEO Clubs Webinars: Panel discussion with influential leaders, Keynote speaker with relevant topics, o CEO Clubs Members' expertise, CEO's Story
CEO Clubs Online Meetups
CEO Clubs Lunch Meeting
CEO Clubs Cigar Night
CEO Clubs Hi Tea
CEO Clubs Breakfast / Dinner Event
CEO Clubs Members Yearly Gala Dinner
What are the benefits of being a CEO Clubs Network Member?
Raising your Profile and increase Brand Visibility
Promoting your products/services in the Network
Create & Strengthen Business Connections
Learning from those who already succeed
Access to Business Opportunities
Increase Business Deals & Generate Referrals for a Better Growth
Share Experiences & Expand Knowledge
Boost Confidence & Morale
CEO Clubs Mobile App, better connectivity & Engagements tool
Participate Major & Exclusive CEO Clubs Delegations worldwide
Obtain VIP passes to top events & International Conferences
Encouraging you to make a wish list with us after joining
How much is the membership joining fee? what is the procedure?
Regular Membership One Year US $ 4,900
Regular Membership Two year US $8,200
Premium Membership Five years US $ 15,000
VIP Membership US $ 35,000 yearly with exclusive benefits

Joining procedure:

Send us membership application form
We will review and respond you within 24 hours
Qualified candidate make membership payment accordingly
Membership is activated and start to receiving member supports once payment received
The member will receive membership pack and within 2 weeks.

Who are the CEO Clubs Members?
CEO Clubs Members are CEOs, Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, Government entities and diplomats

Corporates with their C-level Officials such as CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CTO, Chairmen, President, Director, Head of Sales/Marketing, Head of Region, Managing Director, General Manager and other Senior Executive are qualified to be a member
Government Entities:Senior Officials
Royal members, Governors, Ambassadors and Consul Generals

How does franchising work at CEO Clubs Network? can I take a CEO Clubs Chapter in my city/country?
We developed Franchise guideline for potential franchisee to understand the model, please proceed to the page of Contact us for sending us an inquiry
Who is CEO Clubs Network Founder?
The CEO Clubs Network, Inc. is a USA based company and its Founder & CEO is Dr. Tariq Ahmed Nizami who completed his education in USA and has been living in USA for over 33 years. He is passionate about connecting international leaders and facilitating international collaborations. He also involves in Real Estate, Gold & Diamond, Oil, Trading, Travel, Entertainment, Media, Hospitality, Medical, Charitable Institution, Fashion, Education, Financing and Information Technology.
What is other services can be provided from CEO Clubs Network?
Executing the best service for our Members

Providing maximum exposures to our Sponsors
Giving extraordinary values to our Clients for their Corporate Events
Serving our partners with our success model in CEO Club Franchising
Providing integrated solutions to our Client who are looking for advice
Offering unique opportunity to investors to grow together

May I attend club's events as a non-member?
CEO Clubs webinars/events planned for its members only. For potential member who is keen to join our network, please visit our youtube channel and social medias for CEO Clubs strength and network coverage.

For more information, please send Email to info@ceoclubsuae.com

CEO Clubs UAE and its role in the CEO Clubs Network?
On 6th February 2006 the CEO Clubs UAE was successfully launched by Dr. Tariq Ahmed Nizami

CEO Clubs UAE serves as a regional office with focus of connecting CEOs from UAE , Middle East and North Africa to East and West countries, at the same time, the chapter helps new comers in the region to learn investment environment directly and comprehensively

A proud winner of the Dubai Quality Appreciation Awards Cycle 2017 which was presented by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Miiniter of United Arab Emirates and Rule of Dubai

Where are the other Chapters of CEO Clubs Network?
CEO Clubs Chapters are CEO Clubs USA, CEO Clubs UAE, CEO Clubs Pakistan, CEO Clubs Saudi Arabia, CEO Clubs Bahrain, CEO Clubs UK, CEO Clubs India, CEO Clubs China and CEO Clubs Nigeria. CEO Clubs Oman, CEO Clubs Ghana, CEO Clubs Mauritius are going to be launched soon

We are looking for partners to join hands for connecting business leaders worldwide

What is the financial obligations after joining CEO Clubs Network?
All CEO Clubs Events are complimentary to the members, and some of partnering events are also free for members to attend.
Does the CEO Clubs Network benefits from members business transactions financially?
Business growth is one of the most important goals of all CEO Clubs members, therefore, CEO Clubs Network is determined to increase business transactions revenue and facilitate deals among all members by utilizing all resources of the network. We will grow with members and our members will grow from our referrals and connections, therefore, a percentage of the transaction to be agreed goes to the CEO Clubs Network revenue.
Can I come to the offices and speak to a representative about the CEO Clubs?
Yes, you can, please send us email (info@ceoclubsuae.com) for a meeting request with your details, we advise you to view CEO Clubs membership form through app or online membership form.
Can I promote my business in CEO Clubs Network if I am not a member?
Yes, you can promote your business with following option

CEO Clubs yearly exclusive partnership
Sponsoring CEO Clubs events
Hire us to organize a focused event in UAE, USA, UK, China, India or any other countries

Kindly send email with details to info@ceoclubsuae.com

As a member, can I have a list of all members of the CEO Clubs Network?
We created CEO Clubs directory through CEO Clubs Mobile App, which allows members to view, search, send message online.
I'd like to reach your membership as our services are directed at CEOs. Can I advertise in your newsletter or on your website?
Yes we accept advertising in our publication and on our website. Send your inquiry to events@ceoclubsuae.com
I could not find my answer in your FAQ section?
If for somehow you could not find your answer about CEO Clubs Network in our FAQ section than please send email with your question to: info@ceoclubsusae.com with personalize answer.

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