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Member Ambassador Referral Program


No one is better qualified to spread the word about the benefits of membership in CEO Clubs Network than you, a dedicated member.

Here’s your chance to spread the word about CEO Clubs. Not only can you help advance a peer’s business, but you might just earn some exciting rewards doing so.

Reasons for Members to Refer New Members:

1. Create a stronger community of peers to collaborate with
2. Grow your network to make connections crucial to helping your business
3. Help your contacts by introducing them to the benefits of CEO Clubs membership.

When you recruit a new member, you ensure that the organization continues to grow and support the professionals who drive UAE’s dynamic field.

Rewards to 1 and 2 years Membership referral:

• 3 months extension per new member (1 year membership) and 4 months extension per
new member
(2 years membership) to your CEO Clubs Membership with every new member you refer

Rewards to Premium ( 5 Year) and Lifetime Membership referral

• 1 year extension per new member (premium membership, 5 years) and 2 years extension per new
member (elite membership 10 years) to your CEO Clubs Membership with every new member you

How to do it:

1. Download the PDF applications.
2. Write your name and membership number in the “Referred By” section on the application.
3. If sending a copy of the application electronically, save the PDF(s) to your computer and attach to your e-mail. Or print out copies to distribute to potential members.
4. When a potential member has shown true interest, please extend an invitation to 1 event of ours (ask the potential to RSVP and mention in subject of the e-mail ‘I was referred by a CEO Clubs member”. Follow up after the event.
5. Once the referred new member has joined CEO Clubs Network, you will receive an email confirmation explaining your benefits.

A few recommendations:

• Set goals—Start with an easy goal, such as recruiting two new members, and then go from there.

• Go electronic—For fast and easy outreach, send applications by e-mail to: mrp@ceoclubsuae.com or post a link to www.ceoclubsuae.com on Websites, Twitter, or social networking pages.

• Personalize—Add your name and membership number to the “I was referred by a CEO Clubs member” section on the printed applications, or provide it people you are referring electronically so that you will be eligible for the referral benefits..

• Say good things—When distributing membership applications in person, mention the benefits of CEO Clubs membership.

• Be inclusive—Give the applications to anyone with an interest in and qualifies for the membership: CEOs, Chairmen, owners, Senior VPs are just some of the people who could benefit from membership.

• Follow up—Check back with people to whom you’ve given applications.

• Have fun—it’s energizing to help others find professional rewards and to make your professional association a stronger advocate for business development.

• Start early- making referrals sooner gives your colleagues the chance to enjoy their membership benefits during the high business season when everyone needs a little boost.

Reward yourself by referring a new member to CEO Clubs Network
Any questions on CEO Clubs Network Member Referral Program?
e-mail to: support@ceoclubsuae.com

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