A great honor to attend a CEO Club Network luncheon. Congratulations to Dr. Tariq for the CEO Club Idea. This concept is clearly succeeding around the world. A great event and a great opportunity to see on the organization taking full advantage the “Global Crossroad” that is Dubai and the UAE.

Thanks again!

Thank you Dr. Tariq for yet another very valuable CEO Club event. I have been attending CEO Club Luncheons since my arrival in the UAE in October 2012. On every occasion I’ve had the opportunity to expand my network considerably. Today’s theme of aviation is fascinating one for me and once again I’ve had the opportunity to meet new people and come away with new ideas.

Thank you for the efforts of you and your stuff. I wish you every success as you work to grow the CEO Club Network Internationally.

It is indeed an important form in the promotion of business in the globalized world and I am honoured to be part of this club.

It was an honor for me to attend this very important event which brings together various CEO. My office is available for cooperation with the organization. Well Done!

It was an honor for me to attend this very important event which brings together various CEO. My office is available for cooperation with the organization. Well Done!

Dear Mr Tariq & CEO Club staff: let me expess my () for your exellent service and job!! I would () wish you more success in your activity..

All the Best !

CEO Club is doing great of connecting minds from all business sectors. This is what the world wants. More sharing of thoughts and more collaborations.

Delighted to share Dubai Cares experience with thought and share our learnings. Hope the members at the CEO Club can become ambassadors to deliver our message.
Dr. Tariq, Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak today. The CEO Club is a great group of members. It was my pleasure to interact with great local leaders. A special thanks to my friend Panos Manoloupolous who always does a great job with introductions.
Good luck and stay in touch.
CEO Clubs is the perfect platform to meet key representatives of different businesses in Dubai. Always high quality events, opportunities to promote business, widen the personal contacts and learning about how others have overcome challenges and become successful.
CEO Clubs provide fantastic opportunities to business people and diplomatic community as well to mingle together. Connecting people, provide immense benefits to the people and to all the community.
Ever CEO club event is a great opportunity to learn and share. Today we learn about Dubai Cares, about the difference between charity and philanthropy and most of all the fundamental value of education.
Very Well Done!
We wish in this fully busy life to short-cut the time it takes to achieve some of our goals. The CEO Clubs is a unique platform that offers this as through which I was able to establish excellent networks and new friendships that I value a lot.
Thanks to Dr. Tariq for making this possible.

CEO Club is a great Platform for Networking and learning from various sectors in Dubai and UAE in General. I am proud of my monthly involvement in CEO Club and thanks to the leadership of this great society for helping people get together and the development of Business in the UAE.

I wish CEO Club best of luck in their future.

CEO Clubs gave new horizons to Networking like Bill Clinton. I must say this clubs is beyond the Networking is permanent member wish and effort for its success.

Excellent event and networking opportunity, well organized, valuable and interesting participants. All the best!
It’s a very good initiative to bring the key decision makers together in very good networking opportunity and also good awareness and exposure to latest activities in Dubai.

How can we express? Aahhh!! These meetings are much more than a card-exchange, let’s-network-as-we-dine. What an honor to be a CEO Clubber.

Thank you and always count on whatever support I can bring. Gracias!

Keep doing what you are doing. I met so many wonderful people through your network. It’s unbelievable being able to gather so many unique individuals at an event. Stay frosty and Stelar.

Thanks a lot to CEO Club and Mr. Tariq in particular. CEO club helped me to meet the most amazing people I ever met. It brings a lot of happiness to us. Please keep doing what you are doing and we’ll always be there to support you.

Joining the CEO Clubs Network is a life transforming choice. The integrity as such as the positive energy spreading from the top, the Founder, Mr. Tariq contained all of us, the members. I am proud and happy to be part of this magic.

Thank you!

CEO Clubs is a great vision of Dr. Nizami. Now we all can connect and plan the future. It is definitely the 21 Century platform for communications.

I consider one of the best decisions I made was to join the CEO Club. What makes this club unique from the rest of networking organizations is the diversity in the programs they organize. Ramping from golfing to finance, Whiskey nights to education oriented meetings, the CEO Club caters to the interests of different segments. Proud to be a part of CEO Club.

I wish Mr. Tariq Nizami and his team all success!

For us at S.P. Jain School of Global Management, CEO Clubs have been a limited partner and on association has been an extremely enriching and actually beneficial relationship.

Keep up the Good Work Dr.Tariq!

It is my profound privilege to express my thanks to Mr. Tariq Nizami for inviting P.E.C to this event. The MOUs we have honour to have signed today is a special day for PEC. I look forward for its implementation.

I am grateful for Dr. Nizami’s hospitality.

It is indeed a privilege to be a member of this august forum. I do keenly look forward to each event. It goes to the credit of Mr. Tariq Nizami and his very proactive team how each event is flawless and something to remember. It is a very useful forum in my field of business as it provides excellent networking opportunities. It is amazing to see the broadband of Business activity that this forum addresses.

My best wishes for the team.

You attract such a wonderful base of members; generous, passionate at the top and rolls down into the membership. I am proud to be a member of this distinguished club and honoured.

We, at Lanjaron are the official natural mineral water distributions for CEO Clubs Worldwide.

It was a great privilege and honor for me to speak to the distinguished members of the CEO Clubs Network. I would like to thank Dr. Tariq for this inspiring opportunity and Mr. Al Mahmoudi for introducing me to this impressive network.

The CEO Club is a great network for CEOs to be part of. It’s a platform that puts all like minds together to benefit from each other. The network has both local and international member that always benefit the members.

I have experienced a great knowledge being part of the CEO Club and look forward for the promising future.

Thank you very much for providing the finest opportunity to meet the delegates and dignitaries yesterday, CEO club is doing a marvellous job in providing this platform for the business people.

On an outset we thank you for your very kind gesture to arrange members of CEO Club to attend Global Outsourcing Service Summit in Qingdao – China. It is indeed a Great pleasure to inform you that, we had a very productive tour to China organized through our esteem CEO Club.
We had very good interaction with the Government officials and had good networked with other delegates. We hope to have prosperous alliance with some companies which we look forward in coming months. We thank you for your continuous support to widen the horizon of CEO Club and its members for which we have observed you working relentlessly. May God Bless You. Amen.

Sir, we are also thankful to Jen and other events team in CEO Club in Dubai for their very kind support throughout.

Sir, once again we thank you and look forward to participate in such opportunities and delegation in future

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) has played a crucial role in improving the business environment of Dubai. Founded to be the single most indispensable source of assistance for the Dubai business community, the chamber has gone on to become their first port of call, with support available across all business sectors including many value-added services such as business development, business research, as well as a state-of- the-art library.
DCCI is committed to supporting the business community, and being part of the World CEO Forum by CEO Clubs UAE is yet another commitment to achieving this goal.

Buamim stressed the growing importance of Dubai in the business world as it became a significant destination for top regional and international companies and incorporations, and an ideal venue where companies’ CEOs and business leaders from all over the world meet. This is attributed to Dubai’s flexible and efficient economic policies which created an encouraging business environment that succeeded in attracting large numbers of foreign capitals and investments which found in Dubai the best place to expand their commercial activities in the Gulf and Middle East markets. Appreciate CEO Clubs UAE efforts in this regards.HE Hamad Mubarak Buamim, Director General of Dubai Chamber

The CEO Clubs UAE 2nd world CEO Forum created the suitable environment for Abu-Dhabi Chambar of Commerce & Industry to sign four MOU’s
For the ADCCI, this event was an ideal platform that brought together some of the world’s most creative thinkers, business innovators and leaders of industry from four corners of the globe. ADCCI support of the 2nd World CEO Forum also arose from their desire to cultivate the global spirit of partnership. They used this opportunity to sign MOU’s with the British Business Club & Affiliates, BID8.COM, Global Fluency, the CEO Clubs UAE.

Director General of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce

I would like to thank you for the precious time i spent with your guest in CEO Clubs UAE World CEO’s Forum last 8th March 2007 at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
I would like to be invited to your future events.
Mohsen Goli, Managing Director of Green Pictures

I am thankful to CEO Clubs UAE for doing such a great job in bringing foreign investments and special business delegation especially in AIM conference with some MOUs sign. Wishing all the best to Mr. Tariq Ahmed Nizami for the efforts and commitment to UAE.

Thank you CEO Clubs and Mr. Tariq Nizami for connecting Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry for economic and trade cooperation between Chinese and UAE long term business and also between two chambers.

Mr. Ji Xiaodong, Chairman, Shanghai Chamber of Commerce

A big thank you for the wonderful experience and extra efforts to make the UAE such a memory building business experience. All the members extend warm feelings and hope for many future exchanges¦
You were all simply terrific…

Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone for giving China CEO Clubs members and mayor a great experience in Dubai. You all have been energetic and industrious contributors to our CEO Clubs. I would like to work with you to further develop CEO Clubs in China for further expansion of professional and business with CEO Clubs USA, UK, Korea and Japan and further improvement of understanding between us. Working with all of you during the past few months has been both a pleasant and an educational experience for me.

Thanks again for the trust, friendship and support to CEO Clubs.
Sincerely, Simon Gao & Founder, CEO Clubs China

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your hospitality this week. I really enjoyed the event and met some great people. I also wanted to let you know that the overall impression of everyone that attended was extremely positive. I talked to almost everyone and they thought that the program was not only good but excellent. The tours that we went on were amazing. Dubai is quite unique and exceeded all of my expectations. Great job and thanks again.

The CEO Clubs UAE membership is the very best decision I have made for my business. We have already made some great connections, done some great business already which we did not expect to happen so quickly and all in the first month – truly amazing! I can’t wait to for the next gathering and the possibilities this presents’,

I have also made some great new friends in this wonderful city and can’t wait to return. Mr. Nizami, and all of the team of CEO Clubs made us so welcome I have flown my family out for two weeks holiday to meet everyone. I really feel like moving my family to Dubai now.

‘A great combined effort – it was great to see USA, UK, UAE, (in fact all the Middle East and North African companies), China, India, Pakistan, South Africa – in fact so many businessmen all working together to create so many exciting and real business opportunities’. ‘I have seen so many of these organizations and associations all over the World – I have in fact been a member of most of them. The difference with CEO Clubs seems to be that they are very focused on developing business opportunities and they really do get results matching the right people together to do business’.

‘A great launch, a great networking club. I recommend everyone in the UAE to become members of the CEO Clubs’.

After all of the planning, preparation and media excitement, the event exceeded even my most optimistic expectations. Mr. Tariq and his team succeeded in creating a really powerful mix of great content, tremendous networking and excellent social events. This is by far the best event I’ve been to for many years in terms of buzz – the sense of deal making, partnerships and new opportunities positively filled the air. Everyone you spoke to was involved in an exciting project, developing a great new venture or keen to find new opportunities. I came away with a lot of leads which I hope will mature into exciting opportunities.

Rohit Talwar CEO, Fast Future

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